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Berlin Group publishes Version 1.1 of the NextGenMobileP2P Framework

The Berlin Group has published Version 1.1 of the NextGenMobileP2P Framework. The Version 1.1 integrates Change Requests submitted by EPC (European Payments Council) after their 3-month public consultation for changes to the SPL (SEPA Proxy Lookup) scheme rulebook in 2019. The Change Requests have been evaluated by the Berlin Group NextGenMobileP2P Taskforce and were approved by the Berlin Group Plenary. The main changes relate to the introduction of email as a possible proxy type, the introduction of potential non-Euro currencies in proxy lookup messages and the introduction of a Creation Date Time attribute also in proxy lookup response messages.

Based on open industry standards, the NextGenMobileP2P Framework defines a standard set of functional and technical requirements to enable a pan-European, interoperable and scalable MobileP2P acceptance across the SEPA area. The Framework documents will be of interest to MobileP2P scheme services, financial institutions, mobile network operators, payment processors and technical vendors operating in MobileP2P payment services.

The changes to the NextGenMobileP2P Framework are reflected in updated General Introduction, Operational Rules and Implementation Guidelines documents, together with a detailed Change Log document. The NextGenMobileP2P Framework documents have been made available for download on the Berlin Group website (ref.

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