NPCC from Serbia joins the Berlin Group

National Payment Card Centre (NPCC) is a part of the National Bank of Serbia and is currently working on the development of the Serbian national payment card system - DinaCard. DinaCard system was founded in 2003, in close cooperation between the National Bank of Serbia and commercial banks. At this point, market share of the DinaCard system in the Serbian payment card markets equals approximately 30 % and all commercial banks functioning in Serbia are members of the system. Apart from leading the project of the national payment card, NPCC is also in charge of routing transactions in DinaCard system through the central switching system, as well as performing financial settlement between dome

BORICA joins the Berlin Group

Bulgarian interbank processor BORICA has confirmed its active participation to the Berlin Group. BORICA was established in 1993 by Bulgarian National Bank with the main objective to build a national infrastructure for card payments in the country. BORICA is owned by Bulgarian National Bank and 22 local banks and as a national card payments system operator and the interbank card payments switch it is servicing 26 local banks. The main activity of the company is the authorization of card payments, switching the card payments authorizations between local banks and other card processors abroad, personalization of magstripe and chip cards. BORICA is also functioning as an intermediary for the exe

Giro Bankcard cPlc. joins the Berlin Group

Giro Bankcard cPlc. (GBC) was founded 15 years ago to build and operate IT systems supporting Hungarian domestic bankcard issuing and acquiring as well as settlement of transactions. GBC has been acquired by Societa per i Servizi Bancari S.p.A. (SSB) in January 2007 and it operates as a clearing house for financial institutions. GBC operates as an independent service provider, currently offering multibank services for 17 domestic banks, 163 savings and co-operative banks, 2 international financial institutions, 15 health funds and 2 financial service providers. GBC processes MasterCard and Visa transactions as well as Amex, Diners, JCB and proprietary cards together with DKV, UTA, LOMO and R

MBU, the Croatian interbank processor, has confirmed its active participation in the Berlin Group

MBU Ltd. was established at the initiative of Croatian banks in 1994 in purpose to provide comprehensive support in card business and electronic payments through its infrastructure - MB/NET/, based on state of the art technology and solutions implemented and certified by leading international card organizations. The result of a joint effort of Croatian banks using MB/NET/ is MB/CARD/ a domestic debit card scheme. As most banks applied international Maestro logo on MB/CARD/ creating MB/CARD//Maestro card which can be usable on all ATMs and EFTPOS terminals marked with Maestro or Cirrus acceptance in Croatia and abroad. As a leading payment service provider in Croatia, offering for banks servi

Version 2.0 of IP VPN Requirements and Self-Certification Requirements published

Based on the experiences from implementation projects the IP VPN Requirements have been revised and a complete set of documents for self-certification has been developed. Following the revision of the IP VPN Specifications by the IP VPN Task Force of the Berlin Group, Version 2.0 of the "Minimum Requirements for IP based networks" has been developed based on the experiences from different implementation projects and has been agreed on by the Implementation Task Force and the VPN Task Force. In addition to this the Implementation Task Force of the Berlin Group has developed a document "Minimum Requirements for Certification" as a documentation of the self-certification process which should be

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