Version 3.0 of the Berlin Group Standard published

The Berlin Group is publishing today the new version 3.0 of its Card Transaction Message Standard for the Acquirer/Issuer interface. The new version incorporates the processing of special transactions as identified by the EPC cards standarisation document just published, known as "Volume", and is compliant to the SEPA requirements on the processing of card transactions as identified by the EPC. The version 2.0 of the Berlin Group standard, which is used by several processors today will not be maintained any more, but will be kept on the web site in an archive. Change requests will only apply to version 3.0 from now on.

White Paper on Berlin Group Work and Workplan 2009

The Berlin Group is publishing today a White Paper on the status of the work of the Berlin Group as a standardisation initiative. In addition to an overview of the work, this document also gives an outlook on the work of the initiative for 2009. Main items are further work on the SEPA Card Clearing framework and on new functions like top up for mobile prepaid accounts.

New Form of Quarterly Reports

In February 2008 the Berlin Group had started to report on implementations of the Berlin Group interfaces in the European market. In the early reports, figures like connected terminals or cards have been published, too. The Berlin Group has now changed this policy and will report in future on the status of implementations between card processors in Europe, as known to the initiative.

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