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Raiffeisen Group from Switzerland joins the Berlin Group

Raiffeisen Schweiz has recently decided to join the Berlin Group. The Raiffeisen Group is the leading Swiss retail bank and the third largest force in the Swiss banking sector. Every other Swiss adult and every 3rd company is client of Raiffeisen. Raiffeisen Group is leader in mortgage in Switzerland, and it has the densest branch network (about 900 locations throughout Switzerland), as well as the densest ATM network (1'700 ATMs). First founded in 1899, Raiffeisen banks since then lead their business on cooperative principles.

The Raiffeisen Group firmly believes that cross-national standards in payment transactions are essential for the future. Therefore, Raiffeisen Schweiz has decided to join the leading pan-European initiative in the fields of payments interoperability standards and harmonisation.

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