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Berlin Group joins initiative on instant (realtime) pan-European Mobile P2P Interoperability

Following the Berlin Group Plenary decision of November 2014 to investigate the implications of realtime requirements on existing Berlin Group standards and to start working on harmonised standards for instant (realtime) payments, a dedicated Berlin Group taskforce has started to work on a technical Feasibility Study on pan-European Mobile P2P Interoperability since early this year, in a joint initiative with participating Mobile P2P scheme services in Europe. The joint Feasibility Study is planned to be finalised in Q4 2015.

The topic of pan-European Mobile P2P has come in very strong focus of the ERPB (Euro Retail Payments Board), which has recently invited the European Payments Council (EPC) to facilitate cooperation between local Mobile P2P solutions. Because the joint initiative of the Berlin Group taskforce and the participating Mobile P2P scheme services believes that its efforts are very much in line with the recently stated expectations of the ERPB and significant deliverables that would contribute to the ERPB objectives are expected soon, the initiative has offered its services to the EPC as support in achieving pan-European Mobile P2P services.

Being an open standardisation effort, the platform is welcoming any other interested Mobile P2P scheme services and infrastructure providers as participant.

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