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Berlin Group has issued Version 2.0 Release Note 2013 of SCC

The Berlin Group has issued the Release Note 2013 for Version 2.0 of the SEPA Card Clearing Framework (SCC). SCC provides the first implementation of the XML extension approach of ISO20022 to mass payment services. The new release contains some errata detected in first implementations of SCC, adaption to the new ISO20022 payment messages release 2013 and as a new feature the "IBAN only" approach as an option on the submitter interface. This is following the SEPA rules and regulation philosophy. Further the new release contains a full set of XML Schema Definitions (XSD) for all SCC messages, based on the ISO 20022 payment message XSDs release 2013.

The SCC Version 2.0 Release Note 2013 can be downloaded here.

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