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Berlin Group has issued Version 2.0 of SCC

The Berlin Group has issued the Version 2.0 of the SEPA Card Clearing Framework (SCC). The new release provides the first implementation of the XML extension approach of ISO20022 to mass payment services. The new approach in relation to Version 1.1 is to move all card transaction related data in a supplementary data field called Card Remittance Information. The Card Remittance Information is an ISO20022 XML data structure, contained in every SCC transaction. In short, SCC 2.0 consists technically of direct debit transactions as used already in the SEPA environment, extended by a third Remittance Information field. As the name already indicates, this field is only needed as a structured end-to-end information between the Card Acquirer and the Card Issuer. As a consequence, high synergies should be available when implementing this new clearing service within the existing SEPA payment infrastructure. In addition, SCC 2.0 implements specific transaction definitions for Card Fee Collections and allows Card Bulk Clearing.

Version 2.0 of the SEPA Card Clearing Framework can be downloaded here.

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