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Release 3.1 of the ISO8583 based technical Specifications published; Mobile Top-Up services added

The Berlin Group has published a new release of its ISO8583 based authorisation and clearing specifications. The new release contains new services around top-up functions for prepaid mobile phones.

One service is the extension of funds request for a mobile top-up. This funds request contains in addition the mobile phone data which is then available for print out on account statements of the cardholder.

Another service is a funds request combined with a top-up request. This addresses the typical touristic scenario, where the card issuer and the mobile operator have a top-up connection and the POS/ATM acquirer not. In this scenario a POS/ATM acquirer from one banking community sends a combined top-up request with card and mobile phone data to the card issuer, who is then using the card data for the funds request and the mobile phone data to top-up the mobile prepaid phone.

Further the new release contains some new proprietary Action Codes for operational optimization regarding EMV and fallback processing, which do not exist in ISO8583.

The Release 3.1 of the Berlin Group ISO8583 based Specifications consists of

  • an authorisation interface specification,

  • a clearing operational rules document, and

  • a clearing interface specification.

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