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Giro Bankcard cPlc. joins the Berlin Group

Giro Bankcard cPlc. (GBC) was founded 15 years ago to build and operate IT systems supporting Hungarian domestic bankcard issuing and acquiring as well as settlement of transactions. GBC has been acquired by Societa per i Servizi Bancari S.p.A. (SSB) in January 2007 and it operates as a clearing house for financial institutions. GBC operates as an independent service provider, currently offering multibank services for 17 domestic banks, 163 savings and co-operative banks, 2 international financial institutions, 15 health funds and 2 financial service providers. GBC processes MasterCard and Visa transactions as well as Amex, Diners, JCB and proprietary cards together with DKV, UTA, LOMO and Routex fuel card transactions originated at petrol stations.

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