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A: There is no normal use of roman numerals for your texts. I would recommend using Arabic numerals, and never using "roman" ones. Q: How to get 5 elements from a Ptr32 structure? I am currently using a Ptr32 structure to map a portion of a pointer to a C struct, but when I try to get the 5th element using the Ptr32[4] I get an exception: Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt. This was the previous code that was used for mapping the memory: static void MapRegister(PDE* pDestination, int BaseAddress, int NumRegisters, int Size) { PDE_REGS_HEADER* ptr = NULL; ptr = (PDE_REGS_HEADER*)VirtualAlloc(NULL, NumRegisters * sizeof(PDE_REGS_HEADER), MEM_RESERVE | MEM_COMMIT, PAGE_READWRITE); ptr->BaseAddress = BaseAddress; ptr->NumRegisters = NumRegisters; for(int i = 0; i Register[i].BaseAddress = BaseAddress + (i * Size); ptr->Register[i].Address = (INT8*)ptr + sizeof(PDE_REGS_HEADER) + i * Size; ptr->Register[i].Type = PDE_REG_INT8; ptr->Register[i].DataSize = Size; } *pDestination = (PDE_HDR_PTR)(ptr); } VirtualAlloc may throw out-of-memory exceptions, including an access violation, if there are insufficient contiguous pages to satisfy the request. For example, the minimum size of a new page is 512 bytes. If your allocation request is smaller than 512 bytes, you will need to double-allocate the pages. For example: // Allocate 1 page at a time, so check if there are //




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Marine Diesel Engines Deven Aranha Pdf Free Download giaval

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