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The NextGenPSD2 Conference 2018 was a two-venue event on 14/15 November 2018 at Deutsche Bank in Berlin and on 06/07 December at Société Générale in Paris. Participants from more than 20 countries enjoyed the ‘BEYOND DELIVERY’ Programme with insightful keynotes by high-ranking executive officials from the European Banking Authority, the European Central Bank and the European Commission, with hands-on presentations, lively panel debates and extensive evening networking. 


The Conference showed how NextGenPSD2 based platform banking moves beyond a minimum compliancy approach, and extends to new customer centric value-added services, integral to an ever-evolving digital economy and enabling new proactive business strategies that are responsive to market needs and offer new opportunities and innovations to customers.


Berlin Group NextGenPSD2 extends its sincere thanks and appreciation to the Conference visitors, speakers and panel members as contributors to the NextGenPSD2 Conference 2018. NextGenPSD2 is especially grateful to Deutsche Bank and Société Générale as the Hosts for the NextGenPSD2 Conference 2018 and to the Conference Sponsors who made it all possible to organise the Conference events.

The Conference had a dedicated Conference website:

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