Related Initiatives

  • CIR Technical Working Group
  • CAS Common Approval Scheme
  • A current barrier to the development of the POS market nowadays is essentially due to the existing fragmented market for this type of equipment, especially in Europe, where each country has adopted its own requirements and rules in terms of security and functions to be implemented in POS devices.

    The ERIDANE project intends to bring a major benefit to the POS market by eliminating those barriers and by allowing applications to be developed and used for both the domestic and international markets (e.g. EMV application on an ERIDANE terminal), reducing to a large extent the investments to be carried out by banks and retailers. Furthermore, ERIDANE targets not only Points of Sales payment and retail applications, but also other types of applications such as health and government to be developed at both the European and world-wide levels.

    The existence of a unique standard for POI solutions would give to users (bank, payment systems) the guarantee to rely on a open and competitive market. To manufacturers, a unique standard would give the assurance that the potential market for POI will not be restricted to a domestic one and will give more opportunity to develop mass market solutions than ever before and at a reasonable price for the user.

    The aim of ERIDANE is therefore to propose a new functional and security framework for smart-card based Point of Interaction (POI) equipment to be used in a wide variety of retail environment : Point Of Sales (POS) devices in small shops, POS equipment integrated in supermarkets and department stores, card readers to be used on the move (e.g. taxis, etc.), vending machines and other unattended related terminals.

    The proposed solution would rely on highly innovative and secure technologies and new telecommunication facilities. The focus is on smart card devices to be used at point of sales locations (attended and unattended) and which embed the necessary security elements (PKI) to ensure a high level of trust to card payment applications. The proposed solution will be designed in such a way as to accommodate other types of applications (e.g. retail, health, government) requiring security and trust at the same point of interaction, whilst requiring the same behaviour and friendliness. POI would be designed in such a way as to be able to be connected on open networks (e.g. the Internet) and on closed or Virtual Private Networks (VPN), such as for today's banks acquirer networks.

    From a more functional perspective, one of the main objectives of the project is to achieve the interchangeability of components. The interchangeability of components would mean that the addition, change or removal of any POI component hosted by the equipment does not imply a complete new certification procedure for the device. Components interchangeability implies therefore a clear definition of each component : functions, characteristics and interfaces. The interoperability of software modules could be ensured through the definition of standardised APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).